Laura and Massimo are back and hotter than ever. But the reunited couple's new beginning is complicated by Massimo’s family ties and a mysterious man who enters Laura’s life to win her heart and trust, at any cost.

Film Credits

Barbara Bialowas
Tomasz Mandes
Ewa Lewandowska
Maciej Kawulski
Tomasz Mandes
Blanka Lipińska
Tomasz Mandes
Mojca Tirs
Otar Saralidze
Simone Susinna
Anna-Maria Sieklucka
Michele Morrone
Magdalena Lamparska

More Information

365 Days: This Day Logo
Country: Poland
Language: English, Polish, Spanish, Italian
Released:27 April 2022
Duration: 106 min
Genres: Drama Romance

365 Days: This Day

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