Tomás’ two great passions are classical music and a compulsion for putting things in order, which has led to his nickname “rarito” (weirdo). In Tomás’ tidy world, where he works stacking shelves in the supermarket of a quiet, uneventful neighborhood, something changes when his secret platonic love, Laura, disappears. However, thanks to his fondness for tidying up things and noting down everything, he analyses the habits and obsessions of an eccentric array of clients to find out who is behind Laura’s disappearance. In this town nothing is as “standard” as Tomás would like…

Film Credits

Fernando González Gómez
Fernando González Gómez
María Gregorio
Manuel de Blas
Niko Verona
Ramiro Blas
Jesús Vidal
Susana Abaitua

More Information

Estándar Logo
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Released:11 December 2020
Duration: 104 min
Genres: Comedy Suspense/Thriller


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