Late 1950s in France. One woman, two men. She, Ève Faugère, a glamorous diva at the peak of her career. The man, her husband, Maurice Faugère, an immense author who made her and propelled her for years to the firmament of the song. And finally the lover, Jean Leprat, her pianist who adores her and burns with passion for her. The atrocious poison of jealousy will consume them to the point of tragedy, the trap of a Machiavellian plot will take them all three. And she, the other one, the so pretty Florence, so fresh. This ambitious young singer, ready to do anything to overthrow the one she admires, is she not also caught in the trap of a diabolical game that is beyond her? Where does the danger come from? Who is orchestrating this fatal merry-go-round engraved in the vinyl of the brand new singles that brings its poisonous message every day? Who will die? Who will survive?

Film Credits

Josée Dayan
Dominique Besnehard
Antoine Le Carpentier
Jacques Bonnaffé
Isabelle Adjani
Mathieu Amalric
Matthieu Dessertine
Barbara Pravi

More Information

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Country: France
Language: French
Released:26 August 2023
Duration: 90 min
Genres: Drama Suspense/Thriller

Goodbye Vinyle

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