Summer 1998. Palavas-les-Flots. While the World Cup is in full swing, Sandrine Laplace, a bumbling contract worker who thinks she's a CIA agent, decides to investigate a mysterious accident that happened on the ghost train at the local fair. Incompetent but reckless, Sandrine infiltrates a brutal world - made up of clan wars, cotton candy and bumper cars - and will have to form an alliance with Carmen and Yvane, two showmen who are completely opposite. What if there was a murderer in the carnival?

Film Credits

Nikolay Lange-Nielsen
Thomas Mansuy
Nikolay Lange-Nielsen
Alexandra Lamy
Oscar Berthe
Lola Le Lann
Audrey Lamy
Chloé Jouannet

More Information

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Country: France
Language: French
Released:15 September 2023
Duration: 30 min
Genres: Comedy Suspense/Thriller

Killer Coaster

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