The anomalous heat wave overwhelms everything, forcing everyone to reverse the pace of life: only during the hours of darkness it is possible to work, move, survive. And it is precisely in the middle of the night that Samantha emerges from the darkness that had swallowed her. A thirteen year old kidnapped and long held prisoner, Sam is now suddenly free and, traumatized and wounded, is hospitalized in a hospital room. Next to her, Dr. Green (Dustin Hoffman), an extraordinary profiler. Green in fact does not hunt monsters in the outside world, but in the minds of the victims. Because it is inside the memories of Sam that the clues able to lead to the capture of his jailer are hidden: the Man of the Labyrinth. But Dr. Green is not the only one chasing the monster. There is also Bruno Genko (Toni Servillo), a private investigator with an unexpected talent.

Film Credits

Donato Carrisi
Maurizio Totti
Alessandro Usai
Donato Carrisi
Valentina Bellè
Dustin Hoffman
Vinicio Marchioni
Toni Servillo
Stefano Rossi [II]
Caterina Shulha
Riccardo Cicogna

More Information

Into The Labyrinth Logo
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Released:19 April 2021
Duration: 130 min
Genres: Suspense/Thriller

Into The Labyrinth

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