1402. Queen Margrete has gathered the Nordic kingdoms in a union, ruled through her adopted son, Erik. But a conspiracy is in the making and Margrete finds herself in an impossible dilemma that could shatter her life's work: The Kalmar Union.

Film Credits

Charlotte Sieling
Lars Bredo Rahbek
Birgitte Skov
Charlotte Sieling
Morten Hee Andersen
Trine Dyrholm
Jakob Oftebro
Simon J. Berger
Søren Malling

More Information

Margrete - Queen of the North (Margrete den første) Logo
Country: Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
Language: English, Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish
Released:16 September 2021
Duration: 0 min
Genres: History Drama

Margrete - Queen of the North (Margrete den første)

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