Mary, just about to turn 50, works in a supermarket and her life isn't all that exciting. Then, one day, plagued by the annoying symptoms of her menopause, she overdoses on the hormon patches her doctor prescribed to her and when her vibrant and free-spirited niece Helena decides to crash at her house, Mary’s senses and imagination suddenly come alive. Now the two women are not only forced to redefine their relationship - in order to break free once and for all, Mary has to be ready to finally lose her virginity.

Film Credits

Daria Woszek
Daria Woszek
Aleksandra Swierk
Sylwester Piechura
Grazyna Misiorowska
Magdalena Koleśnik
Janusz Chabior
Agnieszka Wosińska
Barbara Kurzaj

More Information

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Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Released:25 August 2020
Duration: 80 min
Genres: Drama


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