Liam has a terrible childhood, is neglected and abused. He becomes an adolescent with dark thoughts and actions: as a defense mechanism, he shits himself. Because of his home situation, Social Service places him in a closed institution where he encounters supervisor Paulien who seems a positive influence. When Liam is raped, he no longer sees a way out...

Film Credits

Koen Mortier
Annie Silverstein
Monique Walton
Koen Mortier
Annie Silverstein
Kiowa Tucker
Gorik Van Oudheusden (aka Zwangere Guy)
Heather Kafka
Natali Broods
Dirk Roofthooft
Jenivieve Nugent
Kristin Cochell
Sam Stinson
Boris Van Severen

More Information

Skunk Logo
Country: Belgium, United States
Language: English
Released:30 December 2022
Duration: 90 min
Genres: Drama


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