Based on the award winning novel by Tarjei Vesaas, The Birds tells the tale of Mattis, a mentally disabled man cared for by his lonely older sister, Hege. Their everyday routine and isolated existence is interrupted when a lumberjack arrives at their lakeside cottage and falls in love with Hege, leaving Mattis fearful that he will lose his sister.

Film Credits

Anders T. Andersen
Christian Frederick Schüssler
Synne Seltveit
Anders T. Andersen
Hilde Susan Jægtnes
Marte Engebrigtsen
Henrik Rafaelsen
Torstein Bjørklund
Anders T. Andersen
Fridtjov Såheim
Andrine Sæther

More Information

The Birds (Fuglane) Logo
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian Nynorsk, Norwegian
Released:5 November 2019
Duration: 83 min
Genres: Drama

The Birds (Fuglane)

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