Release date: Monday, 1st November, 2021 on RTÉ One @ 9.35 PM

Celebrating the joys of an Irish Wedding in all its pleasant predictability – the requisite chats about the weather, the haggle over the beef or salmon, the losing of the rings, the ditching of the heels, the intergenerational whirl around the dancefloor. Alex Fegan (Older than Ireland, The Irish Pub) captures all that is familiar but also conveys the momentousness of the day from the pre-wedding nerves, to the tenderness of the first kiss, from the affectionate humour of the speeches to the melancholy moments as absent friends are remembered. The Irish Wedding presents a pleasingly diverse community of brides and grooms in this warm-hearted and thoroughly entertaining survey of Irish nuptial activity.

The film premiered at the Irish Film Institute Documentary Film Festival, 2021

Directed by Alex Fegan

Funded by RTÉ

Film Credits

Alex Fegan
Kelda Crawford McCann
Aileen O'Carroll

More Information

The Irish Wedding Logo
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Released:1 November 2021

The Irish Wedding

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