Inside a typical town, kids are menaced by the legend of the fearsome Patalarga. For their parents though, Patalarga is nothing more than a clever invention to scare the kids off disturbing their siesta. However, Teto, Maru and Ramón will soon find out Patalarga really does exist! But contrary to its appearance, Patalarga turns out to be a beautiful person, and so, they establish a sweet affectionate connection.

Film Credits

Mercedes Moreira
Edi Roca
Azul Fernández
Favio Posca
Peto Menahem
Charo López
Inés Efrón

More Information

The Longleg Logo
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Released:5 December 2019
Duration: 70 min
Genres: Action/Adventure Animation Comedy Family

The Longleg

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