A peasant girl, Jagna is forced to marry a much older, wealthy farmer Boryna, despite her love for his son Antek. With time, Jagna becomes the object of envy and hate with the villagers and she must fight to preserve her independence.

Film Credits

Dorota Kobiela
Hugh Welchman
Sean M. Bobbitt
Hugh Welchman
Dorota Kobiela
Hugh Welchman
Kamila Urzędowska
Ewa Kasprzyk
Andrzej Konopka
Sonia Mietielica
Robert Gulaczyk
Mirosław Baka
Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz
Małgorzata Kożuchowska

More Information

The Peasants Logo
Country: Lithuania, Poland, Serbia
Language: Polish
Released:8 December 2023
Duration: 114 min
Genres: Drama Romance

The Peasants

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