The true story of Polish fortunes and the story of the heroes from the first part has its colorful continuation. Can business friends continue to trust each other when even more money is at stake? How were state-owned companies privatized, garnering millions into private pockets? Who was pulling the strings in free Poland? Even more mysteries. Human weaknesses.

Film Credits

Heathcliff Janusz Iwanowski
Rafał Woś
Heathcliff Janusz Iwanowski
Paulina Gałązka
Sebastian Stankiewicz
Rafał Zawierucha
Małgorzata Kożuchowska
Agnieszka Więdłocha

More Information

Where the Devil Can't Go, He Sends a Woman 2 Logo
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Released:20 January 2023
Duration: 122 min
Genres: Comedy Drama Suspense/Thriller

Where the Devil Can't Go, He Sends a Woman 2

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